Terre Haute Ultralight Club

Slips And Skids (Or what not to try and do when you go flying)

There is inherent risk in any avocation, some greater than others. While ultralight flying does not legally require licensure or training one must never forget that one moment of inattention has the potential to seriously injure or even kill you. A good preflight is a start, but it does not guarntee a safe flight.

I hope to add to this page various incident reports that I have submitted to me or are made aware of.

Demise of the Mini-Max November 2001

Engine out on a Fisher 303 Totalled

A story of "Cattails"

Stuck rings in a paraplane

In a non flying incident, but it was a wing "GoldWing". January 12, 2005 temperature was 64 degrees and I decided to take my 85 GoldWing Limited out for a ride to get it good and heated up. It was just after dark and I ended up center punching a deer. I kept the bike up with about 750 dollars damage assuming that I can get the parts and a very smashed right big toe. The deer did not survive, it did not even get off of the roadway and I got to limp around for over a week and as of 1/22/05 it is still tender and discolored. I went over the deer with both wheels after it fell off the front fender and when it passed under me the carcass apparently wedged my foot between it and the brake pedal. I was able to ride the bike home but I was very, very cautious. I could not find the stats for Illinois, but the Wisconsin DOT has the deer/mc rider fatality rate at 85%.

Watch out for the critters, I have been coming in to land and had deer appear under me and I know others in the club have had them running underneath them on final and saw them at the last minute. It would not be good.